Gaetti Trips, Etc.

The men of the Gary Gaetti Cult: (standing L to R) Get-Ski, Chairman, Benny, C-Dubs, Hans, Zimney and Wainder (on a knee)

This segment of the page shows the rare photos of men of the Cult on "Gaetti Trips", the Jeannie's Farewell, Grygla Cup and the debauchery/carnage caused along the way.

Gaetti Fest Quatro (representing The Cult at all interleague Cubs/Twins games)

Sign of the Beast

Hanselhoff, Geatzlaf, Jeff "purple" Waind

Zides, Geatzy, Wainder, Hans, Benny, Eric

Benny's ready for a homer while Joe stirs up the crowd

Goodbye Jeannie's

The Corner Booth Cult

fake trip alley

Hans and Geatz wished to take a little Jeannie's home with them

Lorrie (server/bouncer)

A last "sub cakes" for Mike

Hans can barely take it

Nothing can be left to chance

The Grygla Cup: Grygla, MN. "The Biggest City Of It's Size" (pop 228)

"Diamonds" are forever

The Hayes Lake Nordiques!!!

building strategy....get a beer

Rock with the Messier helmet, bringing "Hetfield-like" intensity

Bina sweatin' it out

Bina and Hans minding the blueline

Hillman's tour with the cup!!

Ponch tellin' stories of the old days

Ponch after hitting a bingo (Ricky don't lose that number)

Rock and Sieve #99

Cup Champs 2003!!

Tolly and Goldie going over strategy

Pregame "bump"

Saurds going "over the top"

The Cup is exempt from these silly rules

Fastest ice in the Northwoods

The jumbotron

A lot of post-bar Sega 95

Saurds doing some random "meet-n-greets"

Saurdikov and Zides pregamin'!

Zides shinin' like a "Diamond"......

Saurds doesn't do well on Sundays.....

Ponch and the Chairman ready for battle

Motel 89....lots of trouble caused here

Shine on you crazy Diamonds

Yo-Hawn's...great place for a pregame "pick-me-up"

Nick, Tolly, Saurdikov (yellow sweats), Casey, Hans, Goldie, Rockman, Zidon, Geatzlaf, Chairman

2011 Hayes Lake Nordiques (Silver Cup)

(Back) Saurdikov, Chairman, Geatzlaf, Tolly, Casey, Hollywood, Zidon

(Front) Rockman, Matt, Hot-Carl, Shaun, Decker (goalie)

Brian Get-Ski pouring a cold one at "Hot" Carl's Gaetti Fest Summer 2002.

Jeffy cooks with fire.....

Cult member K Diddy in a small sleeper...

Shane visits Chuck in LA

Geatz' portrait at the store

I wanna rock!!! Curling at the Southgate Bonspiel w/Shane Martin (CHiPs shades), Tony Bina, and The Chairman

Pictures from the Gaetti Trip 03

G Crew (no flaps on our helmets either)

Signs for Gary and Cult member Ponch

A great day to be a Gaetti fan

Gaetti Fest 2004 Chicago

The Chairman and Hans trying to make sense of the senseless in Gaetti Fest '04.

"It's a long way down....Holiday Roaaaad."

Ferris Bueller move at the Sears Tower

post game commentary

Fun and games at Medeival Times, many gobblets of...soda


Gaetti Cult Debauchery Vol 1.

Stopped in for a quick burger and a visit with our friend Ernie, weekend manager of the Eau Claire, WI Wendy's. He wasn't available for comment but the Wendy's sign did say "Now Hiring" Gaetti Fest 2003 could have possibly have been the last time Ernie clocked in*.

*The Ernie Story:

Our good friend Ernie, or Big Ern or Ernie McCracken, was managing the Eau Claire, WI Wendy's...when the Gaetti Cult entered at lunchtime hoping for a $2.12 lunch w/free student drink (maybe funny only to Grand Forks folks). Big Ern, and his weekend-rookie staff, were not cutting the mustard....excuse the pun. The whole Wendy's experience happened in about the span of 20 long but funny minutes. Ernie was calling audibles at the line of scrimmage yet his squad acted as though they've never practiced with this weekend warrior. Ernie would stare over at the burger prep station and just shake his head at them in dissapointment. Then, in front of about 12 people, would lower his head in shame into a two handed grip.....appearing to be weeping...Ernie raised his head from his kung fu grip while appearing to be calmed down but the vein in his forehead was screaming "serenity now, serenity now!" Ernie cooly greeted the rest of the customers as if they were the plague. So now, the Chairman orders, bids Ern a sympathetic good day...and retires to his biggie (Bydal) stack, fries and drink (no student discount applied). I see that I have a chicken club or something way different from my usual 2X stack and I return to the counter to return my mistake knowing full well that a detonation is about to occur. With a smirk, I hand Ernie the error, which to my liking, was the straw that broke Big Ern's back. 3 Mile Ernie. Ernie drops the hammer on some zit faced punk and now both manager and trainee are near tears in front of an audience. Ernie nicely said "thank you so much for understanding sir" and I was about to use the line from Ferris Bueller's Day Off where Ferris is in the French restaurant and replies to the snooty waiter: "It's understanding that makes it possible for people like me to deal with a person like yourself"....but that would have been an insult to multiple injuries at that point. Later, I went up for a refill and overheard Ernie speaking with one of his went like this:

Ernie: So Chuck, can you work maybe this Friday and Saturday to get some extra hours?

Chuck: (laughs) I think I need to be working here less.

This is the true Ernie story. Maybe a little long, wordy, and riddled with cliches but we didn't want to leave anything out. Never in a trillion years did Ern think that his worst afternoon would be chronicled on a Gary Gaetti website....but it happened. Big time. We can only hope that Ernie is still on the Wendy's team.....can somebody make a call and then post it on the Message Board? Thank you in advance friends.-Chairman

Great shot of us in the cheap seats at Wrigley taken by a friendly and admitted Gary Gaetti Cult visitor.

A picture of K-Diddy and The Gary Gaetti Cult East "representing" at Busch Stadium.